Peter Scott builds his “Sporty” Sportster

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Scotch fan, Peter Scott sent us over some shots of his newly build Sportster.  What started life as a 2012 883 Iron, has morphed into the bike better fitting his style.  Peter admits that the Sportster out of the box really didn’t appeal to him all that much, but after seeing what some guys had been doing to transform them to a bit more cafe oriented style, he decided to pull trigger and drop down the cash.

Peter is quick to send thanks to Rob and Keith over at Lucky51 HotRods and Bikes, located in British Columbia, Canada.  They were happy to help Peter accomplish the look he was going for. It’s easy to see that through a handful of tasteful changes, the guys finished with a bike that even Peter admits gets the thumbs up from those that are eager turn their heads at a Sportster.

What makes this bike even better is Peter just recently rode it 1300 miles from British Columbia to Palm Springs, CA.  Eager to make the trip back this spring, Peter only wishes the seat was a little more forgiving.

Check out a list of the modifications and maybe get a few ideas for your Sporty build.

Swapped 13 spoke edge cut cast wheels for 40 spoke wheels with white powdercoated rims and hubs.
Burley 10″ shocks. Lowered 2″ front and back.
4″ over stock fork tubes.
Clip ons.
Bar-end mirrors.
Relocated speedo to fork tube.
Relocated front turn signals to forks.
Stage 1 exhaust. Bassani pipes.
Chopped front and rear fenders.
Shortened rear struts.
Moved rear signal lights forward.
Removed brake light.
Stop light/signal light conversion kit.
Side mount license plate.
Solo saddle seat.
Custom orange denim paint and pinstriping.
“Silencer” styled grips and footpegs.
harley davidson cafe racer with clip on bars short exhaust white wheels scotch and iron


harley davidson cafe racer style clip on bars shorty exhaust orange paint

harley davidson cafe racer style clip on bars shorty exhaust orange paint scotch and iron

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